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Tips And Tricks For Your Google Android

If you have a new Android phone and you want to fully utilize its features, here are tips and tricks which let you power up, secure and customize it.

Power Up Your Android Phone

•For an optimum calling experience, sign up for an account and download the Google Voice. It is an official app which expands your calling and text messaging options. You may put the Google Voice widget in your home screen for a one-touch toggling of your outgoing call preferences.

Google Voice allows you to send free text messages. You just need to check and refresh the setting every 5 minutes to view incoming text messages. Alternatively, you may configure the setting of your Google Voice account to send you email notifications whenever you receive a new text message.

•Download Fring and get free unbilled calls to Skype, Google Talk and any SIP calling provider. Furthermore, Fring is absolutely available for free.

•To reduce the time it takes from calling due to phone trees, download the Dial Zero app for free. It will direct you to a human representative immediately without going through the phone trees.

•Send your annoying callers directly to your voicemail. Just open his contact profile from your list and press the Menu key. From the menu, choose Options and tick the Incoming Calls box.

•From the Incoming Calls display, you may customize the ringtone for each person in your contact list. Just tap Ringtone and set the ringtone you want for each caller.

•If you want to use MP3s as ringtones, you can easily set them up by making a new folder identified as ringtones using your memory card and copying your MP3 files to this folder. The MP3s will automatically appear when you are choosing ringtones for your callers. The same is true when you create alarms or notifications folder. They will appear in your selection list automatically so you can designate them as your alarm.

•Furthermore, if you want to edit your MP3 file and to cut the specific part of the song you like, download the RingDroid app for free.

•Your Android phone also allows you multiple browsing. Press a web link for a few seconds to open it in a new window. To switch between windows, just tap the Menu button.

•If you prefer to view your browser in landscape style, you can always change your Android settings by selecting Landscape-only display in the Settings menu.

•You may try another browser for your Android by downloading the Dolphin Browser. It is packed with cool features including tabbed browsing, multi-touch zooming, and gesture-driven commands.

Add Essential Apps

Documents To Go is an essential app for people who save a lot of office files using their Android phone. The free version of this app allows you to save and view Word and Excel files. In the paid full version, the app offers you PDF and PowerPoint viewing options and editing capabilities.

•If you prefer to work using your Google folder, avail of ThinkFree Mobile Office or GDocs to link you with your Google Docs files.

•Download a PC-synchronized notepad such as GDocs Notepad With Sync if you want an easy and simple note-taking. It directly connects and saves your notes to your Google Docs account.

•To edit pictures on your Android phone, download Adobe’s free Photoshop.com Mobile. This app allows you to edit pictures whenever and wherever you go.

•Enliven your day with an Android music experience using the app TuneWiki. It automatically searches the internet for lyrics of the song you are currently playing and displays it in your screen. It also gives you access to online community-sharing and radio streaming.

Customize Your Phone

•You can set your phone silent or make your screen brighter by using Locale. This app allows you to adjust your phone acts and to set custom profiles.

•Take advantage of your LED screen by installing Missed Call. This app allows your phone to flash a specific light for certain people.

•Place your name and other proper nouns in your Android phone’s dictionary so they will appear in the auto-complete list. Go to your System Settings and look under the Language and Keyboard settings.

•Return any app which you do not like to Android Marketplace for 24 hours from purchase and have a full refund of your payment. However, make sure you haven’t returned the same app before.

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