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TapTap SumMarine

IUTA Score
Price: FREE

TapTap SumMarineCombining numbers and all kinds of fish, TapTap SumMarine by LG CNS Co will really give your brain a tease!  You’re shown a number at the very top of the screen, and your job is to make that number as many times as you can by tapping numbers that add up to it!  Numbers aren’t the only thing you can match up!  You can combine the fish, too!  There are a total of seven different types!  TapTap SumMarine can be played in two different modes: Endless and Blitz.  The Endless mode allows you to complete challenges through a series of levels.  The Blitz mode is more fast paced, giving you a time limit to earn the highest score you possibly can!  TapTap SumMarine is a fun little thinking game that adds in some math, which I think is a fantastic feature for kids!


TapTap SumMarineI will say that the first time you open up TapTap SumMarine, you have to wait (again) for the game to download.  It surprised me how long that actually took!  I bet there are people who’ve downloaded this game, and deleted it, before they were actually able to start playing it!  It’s good to know that only happens the very first time you open the app!  So, wait it out!  It’s recommended that you play the game by connecting to Facebook, but you do not have to do that.  I opted out, even though there are additional features for those who do.  I definitely suggest TapTap SumMarine for a fast-paced thinker, but even more so for children!  It’s a great way to incorporate math and numbers into fun!


iTunes lists TapTap SumMarine’s features as such:

  1. The easiest yet most addictive game of 2013!
    Do you think all number games are difficult? Tap Tap SumMarine is easy to get into–all you have to do is tap fishes to combine their numbers into a set number!
    Try Tap Tap SumMarine now. It’s so easy and exciting, you won’t be able to stop playing the game once you begin!
  2. Two Exciting Modes: Blitz and Endless
    Play the Blitz mode to record the highest score possible in the time limit. Try Endless mode to clear missions at different levels. It’s like two games for the price of one!
  3. Numbers aren’t the only thing
    you can combine–you can also combine fishes! You can combine them with numbers for bonus points and faster leveling. The more combos you make, the better!
  4. Colorful Graphics and Exciting Sound Effects
    Tap, Tap! Add, Add! Pop, Pop!
    Each and every stage is filled with colorful graphics and exciting sound effects–there’s
    never have a dull moment in Tap Tap SumMarine!
  5. “Sorry, pal, but I can’t let you win!”
    Compete with your Facebook friends in catching fishes in Tap Tap SumMarine.
    There’s nothing more fun than playing with your friends!
    “Hey, buddy, don’t play alone. Let me give you a Jewel so we can play together!” Exchange Jewels with your friends. It’s a great way of building friendships!

Blitz Mode

  • Objective: Make 10s by combining blocks with the numbers from 0 to 10 written on them.
  • Characteristics: An intuitive brain exercise game that combines math calculation skills with Bejeweled-style gameplay.
  • Conditions: Achieve the highest score possible in 1 minute.

Endless Mode

  • Objective: Achieve the given number by combining blocks with the numbers 0 to 10 written on them.
  • Characteristics: An intuitive brain exercise game that combines math calculation skills with Bejeweled-style gameplay.
  • Conditions: The mode starts with mission number 10, and the number goes up each time you clear a level.


iTunes describes TapTap SumMarine like so:

Enter the ocean in a submarine and tap, tap to catch cute fishes!
Featuring 7 different kinds of fish, Tap Tap SumMarine is a brain exercise game whose objective is to combine numbers.  Join us now and submerge in the charming world of Tap Tap SumMarine!


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TapTap SumMarine

IUTA Score
Price: FREE