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Split Pic – Clone Yourself

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Price: FREE

Split Pic – Clone YourselfSplit Pic – Clone Yourself by Aaron Ray is a photo app that divides your camera into two, three or four different sections, letting you take some amazing shots!  You can choose a horizontal or vertical layout to work with.  Depending on the layout you choose, your pictures will shoot from left to right or top to bottom.  Layouts can be adjusted by moving the split bars to create the exact layout you have in mind!  I like to use Split Pic for action shots!  Last week, I had my boyfriend use Split Pic to take pictures of me doing flips on the beach.  The final picture (or pictures) ended up looking incredible!  I do even look somewhat cloned!


Split Pic – Clone YourselfSplit Pic is free to download, which means there are most definitely ads!  They aren’t any worse than the typical ad, but they can be disregarded with an in-app purchase of $0.99.  A buck to get rid of ads on a free app isn’t bad at all.  I definitely recommend Split Pic!  It’s crazy cool!


iTunes describes Split Pic like so:

Split Pic has the ability to divide your camera into two, three, or four different sections allowing you to take some impossible shots. You have the control to either blend these images together to create some super interesting and cool photos, or adjust the edges of the photos to be sharp to look like a standard pic framing app!

EasyTiger is made up of a Guy (Aaron), Girl (Val), and one computer (Macky), so upgrade to the full version and help us keep making cool apps!

First select your layout of either 2, 3 or 4 splits set up horizontally or vertically. Pictures shoot from left to right, or top to bottom, depending on which layout you choose

Next, adjust the split bars to just where you want them. Then get creative and capture a series of photos to tell the story. Don’t be scared to try different things like:

  • Cloning yourself
  • Use the Build-In Timer
  • Zooming in with one frame, then zooming out on the others
  • Switching between the FaceTime Camera and the front Camera
  • Multiple Focus Points – with one split, focus on something close. Then in the other split, focus on something far away. That’s 3D!!
  • Melt faces together! See what your kids would look like

Finally send your work of art through the awesome Effects section where you can use things like:

  • Adjusting the split bars again to get it Just right.
  • Blending Tool to make edges melt into each other, or have them sharp.
  • Great collection of filters to give it even more of a signature look.

Then its off to social media land! Send it to your favorite social network, save it to your library, or send it off to other apps!

The sky is really the limit with this thing and we can’t wait to see what you can come

EasyTiger Apps collaborating with DNA Imagery for a user CONTEST!


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Split Pic – Clone Yourself

IUTA Score
Price: FREE