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Reveal The Maze

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Price: FREE

Reveal The MazeReveal The Maze by Miguain is a gaming app offering you 90 different levels of maze confusion!  I would describe Reveal The Maze like one of those little toys with the little silver ball.  Do you know what I’m talking about?  I have no idea what they are called, but it’s a little handheld plastic toy that is made out as a maze.  Your goal is to get that little silver ball to the end point.  Reveal The Maze is just like that, only much harder!  It’s so much harder, because Reveal The Maze doesn’t let you see the entire maze; only a small circle surrounding your silver ball is lit up.  The rest of the maze is in the dark, so you have to try every single avenue before you have a clue where to go.  The app offers three modes: easy, medium and hard.  There are five worlds, each having 15 to 20 levels.  That’s a lot of gameplay for a free app.  The downside is that they are all so repetitious, and extremely hard!


Reveal The MazeAnother complaint I have about Reveal The Maze is the many grammatical errors.  I was reading through the “how to play” section and was appalled at the horrible attempt at English and grammar.  When explaining how the flashlight-tool is used their exact words were, “Flashlight provides the player to progress by seeing forward by providing a linear lighting in the direction of player’s goes of touches.”  I can’t even make out what they are trying to explain in that sentence!  Just awful!  And, don’t get me started on the spelling!  Looking beyond the grammar, I’m still not a fan of the app.  The gameplay is far too hard and so repetitious.


Reveal The Maze explains how the game is played like so:

  • With Reveal The Maze, you will try to reach the goal by seeing a certain area around your character.  Throughout the game you will encounter 12 objects.  Each object has a specific time of use.  Objects will lose their functions after a period of time.
  • Coins: These are earned throughout your gameplay.  Of course, they have no effect how the game is played.  They are simply earned and spent.
  • Candle: This ensures its present area to be light.
  • Torch: This increases the view of the character.
  • Speedy: This will allow the player to move 1.25 times faster.
  • Lightbulb: This has the same functions as candle, however, lightbulb’s impact area is bigger.
  • Snaily: This causes the player to move 20% slower for a time limit.
  • Flashlight: This allows the player to progress by seeing the future by providing a linear lighting in the direction of the player.
  • Blackhole: This resets the player’s line of sight.
  • Lightstrike: Thanks to lightstrike, a player can lighten any area on the map circularly by touching that.
  • Fireworks: This is a big circle that provides lightning.
  • Frisby: This provides a circular lightning wherever it is thrown.
  • Lightbomb: This allows a player to see a map from the player’s position.


iTunes lists Reveal The Maze’s features as such:

  • 90 levels in 5 different worlds
    • 13 different items to help you to find the exit
    • Realistic physics engine
    • Advanced graphics
    • Retina Display support
    • 3 different difficulty levels
    • 60 fps game guarantee
    • Calibration feature
    • Original music and sound effects
    • High performance accelerometer
    • Game Center integration
    • In App Purchases
    • 22 different achievements
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Reveal The Maze

IUTA Score
Price: FREE
  • Guest2012

    amazing game but really difficult, i like it.

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