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News Scan: Apple in Disarray; Mobility Spurs Data Center Spending; More

The alleged breach of iCloud security that revealed naked starlet photos has sent Apple into crisis mode just days before the Sept. 9 launch of its new iPhone 6, reports Business Insider. Apparently in an effort to fix the iCloud security issue, Apple shut down its App Store, iTunes store and iBookstore for six hours on Tuesday and has barred developers from using its Health app and HealthKit platform from storing data in iCloud.

>> Mobility, BYOD spurring spending on data center projects

Mobility and BYOD initiatives are pushing Dutch enterprises to spend more on data center projects, according to a study of 115 Dutch IT decision makers by Telindus and VCE cited by Business Cloud News. Other spending priorities for the IT decision makers include backup and disaster recovery, server refresh, and private cloud initiatives. Read more.

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>> Android gaming revenues grows faster than Apple

Gaming revenue on Android devices is growing more rapidly than gaming revenue on Apple devices, according to a report by IDC and Ann Annie obtained byRe/code. Games now represent around 85 percent of all revenue for Google Play, while games represent 75 percent of overall revenue on Apple app Store, the stats suggest. In-game purchases are also on the rise for both devices. Read more.

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>> Older consumers use tech to shop

Close to two-thirds of older consumers are using their smartphones to look for product information, according to a study by Influence Central and Vibrant Nation reported on by Mobile Marketer. “We found that this is a generation that will Google you, and nine out of 10 empty nesters consider themselves ‘texters’. Media portrays this generation as the least tech-savvy, but in reality they are constantly online and prefer to communicate via tech,” says Stacy DeBroff, CEO of Influence Central. Read more.

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>> Consumers are uneasy about security of mobile banking apps

Around 40 percent of those who make payments online feel that banking mobile apps need more security protection, according to a survey by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International cited in an eWeek story. Close to half of those surveyed feel vulnerable while shopping online or engaging in online transactions. Read more.

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