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National Geographic World Atlas

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National Geographic World AtlasIf you don’t love all things National Geographic, you’re seriously missing out on some of the most unheard of, detailed and extravagant things on earth!  When it comes to science and education, we should be striving to learn all we can!  What’s not interesting about the depth of the sea and what lives in it?  You can’t tell me that a 98-foot long whale isn’t absolutely astonishing!  What about the density of planet earth?  Gosh, I don’t understand how someone can see the world and remain an atheist!  There are so many interesting things I wouldn’t know anything about without National Geographic!  I think I’ve learned more from them than I learned in school!  Well, I recently downloaded the National Geographic Society’s updated atlas app called National Geographic World Atlas, and it’s just phenomenal.


National Geographic World AtlasNational Geographic World Atlas lets you see the whole world right from the palm of your hand!  You can see it in a classic version showing the bluest oceans!  Want to see the world in other aspects?  Try out the road map, antique or satellite versions!  You can spin, pan and zoom the interactive 3-D globe to see layers of a worldwide map in high resolution!  Set up pins to mark spots you want to come back to!  I placed pins all around the US marking the places my family members live.  I also did that to my husband’s family who mostly live in Portugal!  National Geographic World Atlas shows me just how big the world really is!        


iTunes lists National Geographic World Atlas’s features as such:

National Geographic has taken its award-winning World Atlas and updated it completely for 2013 with a new look, improved functionality, and brand new features.


  • All state-of-the-art National Geographic maps are in HD, giving you the best viewing experience possible.
  • New infographics enhance each country’s Flags and Facts section.
  • Better measurement tools give you even more accuracy.


  • Store your pins in the cloud and share them across devices. Plan a trip on your iPad, then use your customized map on your iPhone.
  • Add and customize collections of map pins
  • Get up-to-the-minute weather
  • Check the latest currency conversion rates, or use the currency calculator to convert from one currency to another
  • See latitude and longitude indications directly, with a tap of your finger.

The National Geographic World Atlas brings you the highest resolution images available, delivering the stunning detail, accuracy, and beauty National Geographic is known for.

See the world in any style you prefer: classic (blue ocean), antique, satellite, or road map style (provided by Bing maps).

Spin, pan, and zoom in on the world with our interactive 3-D globe and seamless world map layers. Place pins to mark spots and save them for later.

Get up-to-date information on every country and capital city in the world, including socio-economic data, demographics, weather, and currency.

PLEASE NOTE: Offline maps and map downloading is now included in the app, as of version 3.0.1.

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National Geographic World Atlas

IUTA Score
Price: FREE