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LifeTopix by LightArrow Inc. is an organizational app that allows you to manage lists, tasks and notes.  It’s not just an organizational tool used for grocery shopping, business management or appointments; it’s a complete life organizer.  LifeTopix is broken down by the following topics:


Tasks + Projects
Travel + Places
People + Services
Health + Activity
Home + Assets
Notes + Files


Each topic includes a specific way to organize that category of your life.  Let’s say you went into the Finances topic.  You would see the following tabs:


All Accounts
Service Payment Templates
Other Payment Templates
Payments Calendar
Charitable Donations
Financial Assets
Financial Notes


Okay.  Now let’s say, you chose the All Accounts tab.  Here’s where you add in your different bank accounts.  When adding in an account, you can include information like the account type (checking or savings), bank name, account number, current balance, etc.  The Service Payment Template is one of my favorites in the Finance topic!  This would be a place to add in payments you need to make regarding a specific service.  For instance: I received a bill from my dentist for what my insurance didn’t pay for a crown I had done.  The bill was for $2,210.00.  I set up a payment plan with my dentist to pay it off in five months.  My monthly payment is $442.00.  Because I want to know where I am with my reoccurring payments, I added this in as a service payment into LifeTopix.  My Payment Template looks something like this.


Service: Dental Work
Default Settings for Payments
Amount: $442.00
Payment Type: Credit/Debit Card
Paid By: Checking Account
Repeat Schedule Set
5 Payments


I can tap the tab that says 5 payments to see how many of these payments have been made and the date they were paid!  LifeTopix covers SO MANY topics, there is no way I could cover all of them in this short review.  I thought I would touch on Finances since it’s something everyone needs to keep close track of, but I’d have to say I use the Shopping, Events and Health + Activity topics just as much as I use the Finance one!  Each topic comes in very useful I’m sure you will love using LifeTopix as much as I do!  On the mail screen there’s a calendar, which shows every task, note or list you added into LifeTopix!  This is where you get complete and efficient organization!


iTunes lists the top 12 LifeTopix as such:

  • Tasks + Projects: todos, due date, priorities, statuses, effort sizings, services & service providers, with audio, photo & video notes
  • Shopping: multiple shopping lists, items, sizes, quantities, prices, and stores
  • Events: attend, host; track dates, locations, invitees, tasks, shopping items, and services & service providers
  • Travel + Places: dates, destinations, shopping items, todos, reminders, services & service providers, places of interest
  • People + Services: services received and service provider contact information (fully integrated with your device’s address book) with ratings, categorized by type
  • Health + Activity: track prescriptions, diet, exercise, medications, illness/wellness, and health procedures
  • Finances: accounts and bill payments, charitable donations
  • Home + Assets: track vendors, purchase dates & prices, current values, manufacturers, model numbers, serial numbers, maintenance, reminders, and associated media
  • Education: subjects, assignments, references, and services & service providers
  • Notes + Files: bookmarks, ratings, associated media
  • Media: photos, audio clips, video clips, services, assets
  • Bookmarks: online access, bookmarks


iTunes lists LifeTopix’s features as such:

  • Dashboard panes!
  • Backup and restore with MobileMe, Dropbox
  • Social media integration with Twitter, Facebook
  • Location awareness “Near Me” for tasks, shopping, events, and other items
  • Cross-topic “touchpoints”
  • Detailed online help accessible from product
  • Sharing via XML (2-way), CSV, SMS, Email, and social media


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