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Great British Chefs Kids

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Great British Chefs KidsGreat British Chefs Kids by Great British Chef is packed with 105 easy-to-follow recipes made by 21 different chefs!  It’s geared towards kids who love to cook!  Does your little one absolutely love being in the kitchen?  Can he whip up something fabulous with just a few ingredients?  Does she love to learn about all the spices you use in your Chicken Parmesan recipe?  Or, do you just hope your child grows some interest in the field of cooking, because you secretly dream of them becoming a chef?  If any of these scenarios sound like you or your children, this app is just what you need!  Great British Chefs Kids was created to let kids pursue a dream in cooking.  The recipes are simple, and they’re even fun!  From Pizza Hearts to Rice Krispie Fish Fingers, your child will have a blast making them!


Great British Chefs KidsFamous chefs like Frances Atkins, Marcus Wareing, Nathan Outlaw, Alfred Prasad and many more have created the recipes included in Great British Chefs Kids!  Under the “chefs” tab, you can read a biography about each chef, as well as learn about his or her restaurants.  If you fancy a certain chef, you can search through their recipes to try and make them all!  I’m a huge fan of Frances Atkins, so my daughter and I have worked hard to make all her main dishes including the Vegetable Garden, Chicken topped with banana and flapjack and Mini Yorkshires with meatballs and dippers.  If you don’t care which chef made which meal, you use the “recipe” tab to search by course, complexity, categories, inspiration and favorites!  The “hints” tab features actual hands on videos on some general cooking like how to ice a cupcake, how to make pancake batter and even how to evenly roll a pastry.  This section has to be the most useful to my daughter!  She usually watches each video twice, and then she has it down pat!


iTunes lists Great British Chefs Kids’ features as such:

  • 105 beautifully photographed recipes, the ingredients of which all link through directly to TESCO’s website so you can buy whatever you need in a click.
  • Recipes include cooking times, equipment, cooking tips, Guideline Daily Allowance (GDA) and clear method steps.
  • Intuitive navigation and search functionality so you can find the recipes you’re after, whether searching by ingredient, category, course, complexity or chef.
  • Making the cooking process easier, the voice control function allows you to cook without even touching your iPhone or iPod.
  • You can add notes against recipes if you wish to add a personal touch.
  • And you can easily share all of the recipes with your friends via email, facebook and twitter.
  • Full information on all the chefs and their restaurants, including a cookbook list.
  • A series of ‘how to’ films for particularly tricky stages of recipes.
  • The easy-to-use shopping list allows you to combine all recipes and view the ingredients by aisle, add your own ingredients and email yourself or a friend the list if you prefer paper.
  • Metric to US Imperial switch.


iTunes describes Great British Chefs Kids like so:

The app, developed in association with Tesco Real Food, delivers 105 easy-to-follow recipes, which have been specially conceived to be cooked with children. These exclusive recipes range from fun tea-time dinners such as ‘pizza hearts’, ‘campfire chilli con carne’ or ‘Rice Krispie fish fingers’ to special treats like ‘bacon roly polies’, ‘choux caterpillar’, ‘sweetcorn and tomato muffins’ and ‘popping chocolate orange bites’ to tasty desserts like ‘tropical fruit rockets’ or ‘London Eye tart’.

The Cooking with Kids app, which follows the success of the Great British Chefs Recipes, Feastive and Summertime apps, features recipes from some of the most dynamic chefs in the country and which have been devised to encourage kids to get more involved in the preparation/cooking of the dishes.

The app also includes a series of How To videos, specifically developed to help children learn some of the basics as well as some of the more complicated techniques involved.

21 chefs have contributed recipes in the Cooking with Kids app: Marcus Wareing, Nathan Outlaw, Alfred Prasad, Dominic Chapman, Marcello Tully, Galton Blackiston, Matt Tomkinson, Shaun Rankin, Josh Eggleton, Frances Atkins, Shaun Hill, Bruno Loubet, Adam Gray, the Galvin brothers, Colin McGurran, Andy Waters, William Drabble, Adam Bennett, Lisa Allen, Mark Dodson and Alyn Williams.


Great British Chefs celebrates and champions the best chefs in Britain, who cook in their restaurants on a daily basis and whose food is distinctive and crafted with love and care.

Visit our website www.greatbritishchefs.com, join our facebook group www.facebook.com/greatbritishchefs, +1 us on plus.google.com/+greatbritishchefs or follow us on twitter @gbchefs for more information.

Tesco Real Food is an award-winning food website, giving customers inspirational ideas for family meals. Customers can click to shop ingredients at Tesco on over 4000 of Real Food recipes, and plan simple, delicious meals for the week ahead with the meal planner.

Visit our website www.tesco.com/realfood, join us on Facebook www.facebook.com/tesco or follow us on twitter @tescorealfood for recipe inspiration.



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Great British Chefs Kids

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