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Ginger’s Birthday

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Price: FREE

Ginger’s BirthdayIf you’re little one has loved Out Fit 7’s Talking Friends apps, you must know about the brand new one called Ginger’s Birthday!  Tom’s nephew, Ginger, is turning five-years-old, and he’s having a birthday party!  Not only are you invited to this party, but you can participate, too!  Ginger’s Birthday lets you play along by feeding this fluffy little kitty all kinds of yummy snacks like pretzels, bananas, cherries, pizza and chocolate cake!  There are carrots, peppers and broccoli, too!  They are nice healthy snack options!  It’s pretty adorable, because if Ginger doesn’t want a certain snack, he will close his mouth and shake his head!  It’s way too cute!  In addition to feeding Ginger, you can make him blow his party whistle and even blow out the candles on his cake!  You can talk to him, and he’ll repeat what you say, or poke him to see him react!  Your little one will have a blast partying with Ginger for his birthday!  Ginger’s Birthday even has a Wheel of Fortune wheel that you can spin once a day to win free snacks!


Ginger’s BirthdayGinger’s Birthday can be used in regular or child-mode.  To be honest, I’m not sure why someone would use it in anything but child-mode, but, to each their own, I guess.  Haha!  There are ads, but they aren’t too bad.  They’re limited to the top of your screen.  I don’t really think ads on any children’s app are ever a good idea, but you can pay $0.99 to have them removed, which is a small price to pay for such a sweet little game!  I downloaded   Ginger’s Birthday for my nephew a few days before his third birthday.  He couldn’t get enough, not to mention how much excitement it built up for his own birthday!


iTunes describes Ginger’s Birthday like so:

Talking Ginger is turning 5 and it’s time for the best birthday party ever – with awesome food, fun games and a happy little kitten. And yes, you’re invited!

Pick from a variety of yummy snacks to feed Ginger and make his tummy happy. Grab a party whistle and blow it until you’re out of breath. And what’s a good birthday party without a huge cake, right? Help Ginger blow out all the pesky little candles now!

Every time you feed Ginger, make some noise with the party whistle and blow all the candles out, you unlock new puzzle pieces of Ginger’s birthday party memories. There are 40 jigsaw puzzles to unlock (with more to come!), so you better get started fast. ;)


  • Talk to Ginger and he will repeat.
  • Poke or swipe Ginger to see his funny reactions.
  • Blow out the candles on the birthday cake. Great mini game!
  • Feed him with snacks.
  • Blow the party whistle.
  • Press the jigsaw puzzle button to see all the images you’ve collected.
  • You can even scatter the puzzle pieces and put them back together.
  • Press the feeding button to eat with Ginger.


  • Every 24 hours roll the Wheel of Fortune and win free snacks.
  • Subscribe to a feeding reminder and get free snacks (you will receive a push notification).
  • Watch a video or choose one of the other ways to earn free snacks.
  • Make an in-app purchase. You can even get an infinite supply of snacks and never worry about it again.



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Ginger’s Birthday

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Price: FREE