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Gingerbread Crazy Chef – Cookie Maker

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Gingerbread Crazy Chef – Cookie MakerGingerbread Crazy Chef – Cookie Maker by TabTale LTD is an app very similar to Candy Maker by Sunstorm Interactive, only instead of making bubble gum, taffy, gummies, candy bars and lollipops, you’ll be making cookies!  Gingerbread Crazy Chef – Cookie Maker isn’t solely a children’s app, but I guarantee they’re going to love it the most!  What little girl or boy doesn’t want to help make cookies?  With Gingerbread Crazy Chef – Cookie Maker, they don’t just help, they do it themselves and without the mess!  It’s a win win!


Gingerbread Crazy Chef – Cookie MakerThe first step in making these delicious holiday cookies is to gather your ingredients: eggs, flour, sugar, butter and ginger.  Simple enough, right?  The next step is actually mixing the ingredients!  All your ingredients will be sitting on the right hand side of the screen.  You simply drag each of them into the bowl and watch as the egg cracks, the butter gets sliced and the sugar, flour and ginger pour!  Then you’re given a wooden spoon to stir all the ingredients together!  As you stir, you’ll see the dough’s consistency change right before your eyes!  It’s so realistic!  Then you’ll use a rolling pin to roll out your dough, immediately followed by the cookie cutter.  Finally, you’ll drag your cookie right into the oven!  Watch the thermometer to your right to be sure not to burn your cookie.  If you burn it, you’ll have to start over!  Lastly, comes the decorating!  The very best part!


Gingerbread Crazy Chef – Cookie Maker gives you the option to either make the cookie or just skip to the decorating.  I love that option, because after you’ve went through making cookies a few times, it’s nice to be able to skip right to the fun part – decorating!  Of course there are ads, and they do get in the way, which isn’t ideal for a child, but very expected from a free app.  You can make an in-app purchase of $1.99 for the full version, which unlocks all items and has no ads!  I definitely recommend Gingerbread Crazy Chef – Cookie Maker for any mom who’s looking for a fun, holiday game for their little one!  It’ll keep them busy for hours, and what mom doesn’t need a break around the holidays?


iTunes lists what’s inside Gingerbread Crazy Chef – Cookie Maker as such:

  • 20 different cookie types to choose from! Superheroes, pop stars, elves & more
  • 6 backgrounds add to the design: a Christmas tree, in the snow, around town & more
  • 30 accessories including: a basketball, baseball bat, reindeer horns, guitars & more
  • 30 candies to decorate your cookie
  • Dozens of wacky and awesome clothes, pants, shirts & costumes
  • 30 different noses, 30 eyes and 30 funny mouths for your cookie creation
  • 11 festive glasses to choose from to drink your shake
  • 20 fun stickers and designs to decorate your glass
  • 21 awesome straws to use for your shake


iTunes lists Gingerbread Crazy Chef – Cookie Maker’s features as such:

  • Touch & drag to mix up the ingredients & stretch out the dough
  • Touch the oven to start the baking! But don’t let the cookies burn!
  • Gobble up the cookie and watch it disappear
  • Press the cool RESTART button and kids can eat their cookie over and over again!
  • Take the cookie and turn it into a gingerbread shake in a blender!
  • Easily email and share your cookie creation with a friend or relative


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Gingerbread Crazy Chef – Cookie Maker

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Price: FREE