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Free Menstrual Calendar

IUTA Score
Price: FREE

Free Menstrual CalendarMany of the women who are thinking about downloading this app are either thinking about getting pregnant, wanting to get pregnant or having trouble getting pregnant.  Free Menstrual Calendar by Tamtris Web Services Inc is a simple way to help predict your fertile days, as well as your periods.


Free Menstrual CalendarFree Menstrual Calendar is very easy to use allowing you to put in your cycle length, whether it be the typical 28 days or even an odd 46 days.  You can even add a privacy code to be able see the info you’re putting into Free Menstrual Calendar, which is a nice option if you’re very private like that.  If you’re wanting to know about your fertility, like me, you can turn on the “advanced settings”, which gives you an option to edit your luteal phase.  That is a nice feature!


I’ve used iPeriod Ultimate by Winkpass Creations for over a year now, and I think it’s the best period tracker out there.  I don’t think I could live without it!  My hubby and I recently started trying to conceive, so I thought I’d try out a few menstrual apps to further track my fertile days.  iPeriod Ultimate does track my fertility, but not to the extent I am looking for.  So that was my reason for trying out Free Menstrual Calendar, which does track when I’m fertile, but not tons more than iPeriod Ultimate does.  Because of this, I personally don’t have a need for it.  I was hoping for something more extensive.  I also noticed that Free Menstrual Calendar hasn’t been updated since August of 2010, which makes it completely neglected.  Especially for the type of app it is, Free Menstrual Calendar should be updated regularly!  If I were you, I would find a different period/fertility app.  Who wants an old app that never gets updated when it comes to something as important as tracking your cycles when trying to conceive?  Not me!


iTunes lists Free Menstrual Calendar’s features as such:

  • Record your periods.
  • Optionally record your intimate relations and other fertility signs including temperature and cervical fluid.
  • Store daily notes
  • Calculate your cycle length automatically based on your data or set it manually.
  • Get predictions for both your periods and your fertile days. Plan ahead.
  • View/Email a Cycle Stats Report
  • Optionally set a privacy code.
  • Display your cycles at a glance on an easy to read calendar.
  • Read educational tips and information about your menstrual cycle and your fertility signs.
  • Sync/Backup your data with your free FertilityFriend.com account.


iTunes describes Free Menstrual Calendar as such:

Simply enter your last period and your cycle length to get started. The calendar will then display your predicted period start days as well as your expected ovulation and most fertile days in color.

Double tap any day on the calendar to enter data (i.e. your period, cycle data and/or daily notes). To start a new cycle simply enter your period data. Your cycle length is automatically calculated as you enter more data.

The calendar is also a period tracker as well as a way to document your cycle history. You can use an optional privacy code to better protect your data.

Bug Reports/Comments/Suggestions:

IMPORTANT LIMITATIONS: This calendar uses only approximate prediction and cannot be used to schedule procedures, avoid pregnancy or anything where more accuracy would be required. It is intended for educational use only. Use at your own risk. Please consult your health care provider for any health concern. For more accurate analysis of your cycle please visit FertilityFriend.com.

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Free Menstrual Calendar

IUTA Score
Price: FREE