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Based on the amazing Bejeweled® 3 app (made only to be used on a Mac OS X 10.5 or later), PopCap has created Bejewled!  This all-new version’s graphics – will simply blow you away!  The world’s #1 puzzle game just got that much better!


Bejewled is simple to use and a blast to play.  As soon as you open the app (for the first time), you enter your name then choose a profile picture (from 30 different icons already created). Bejewled can be played in three different modes – Classic, Zen and Diamond Mine.  If you’re new to the app, it’s recommended that you start with the Classic mode.  The app also gives you an option to play Bejewled Blitz.  When I first saw this option, I thought the game actually had four modes instead of three; however, Bejewled Blitz is not played within the Bejewled app itself.  By tapping on the option to play Bejewled Blitz, a screen pops up asking if you would like to play this game for free.  By tapping the “Get Blitz!” button, you are taken to the app store where you can then download this free app.  It’s a nice feature for any Blitz lover!


Classic Mode:

Bejewled’s Classic mode is the most basic mode offered.  There’s a help option that explains (with pictures) exactly how the Classic mode is played.

  • Swap adjacent gems to make rows of three.
  • Match four of more gems to create special gems. 
  • Make an L or T match to create a star gem. 

There’s a progress barl near the bottom of the screen showing how close you are to completing each level.  With each move you make, this blue bar moves more towards the right.  When the bar is completely blue, you have completed that level.  Each mode offered in Bejewled has a “hint” button, to help out in case you’re completely stumped on where to make your next move.  This is most useful in Classic mode for people not familiar to Bejewled.  Just because it’s a classic game, doesn’t mean everyone has played it before.


Zen Mode:

Bejewled’s Zen mode is so unique – meant to be a mode used for relaxing with customizing options to add soothing ambient sounds, positive mantras and stress-relieving breathing methods!  If you’ve ever used a game before to relive tension, you have to try this!  It’s literally made for that purpose!  I’ve been known to play a quick and challenging game to de-stress myself, but I’ve never played a game that actually had “stress relieving” as a purpose of the game!  How cool is that?  What an awesome mode, used for a great purpose.  There’s even a note when you open the Zen mode that says, “headphones are recommended.”  I felt like I was at therapy!  The app lets you completely customize each relaxation method.

  • Ambient Sounds gives you different sound options being between crickets, ocean surf, rain leaves, waterfall, coastal and forest.  You can control each sound’s volume to meet your relaxation needs.
  • Mantras give you options between prosperity, positive thinking, quitting bad habits, weight loss and self-confidence.  With whichever option you choose, positive textual affirmation are displayed on your game screen – helping you to focus on beneficial areas for medication.  You control the speed of these Mantras.
  • Breathing Modulations give you audio and visual feedback that helps your breathing by creating a sense of relaxation.  You control the speed of these methods.

I’ve never – in my life imagined a game could give me such relief! Bejewled’s features completely surpass anything I expected!


Diamond Mine Mode:

Bejewled’s Diamond Mine mode is the most challenging and detailed mode offered in the app.  This mode, also, has a help option that explains (with pictures) exactly how the Diamond Mine mode is played.

  • Make matches directly next to the ground to dig down.
  • Clear all ground tiles down to the white line to advance.
  • Make matches next to gold, gems, and artifacts to earn points. 

Diamond Mine is seriously all you could want!  It’s so much fun!  You can blast gems to collect gold, diamonds and buried artifacts before the clock runs out!  The fact that the game is timed really gives me an exciting rush!  I love it!  The images of the gold and artifacts are awesome!  The gold looks like you just dug it from a mine!  It’s super sparkly!  When you line up gems at the bottom of your screen (next to the dirt) – it appears that you’re digging in the dirt!  You then see it thrown in the air – the same as it would look if someone dug a hole (using a shovel), then threw the shovel full of dirt over his shoulder!


Bejewled’s graphics are incredible!  Every gem shimmers so much that it appears somewhat 3D.  When you make a move with a high score, a fire-filled lightning bolt dashes across the screen showing you the total amount of points that move made you!  Bejewled’s features as endless!  You can earn badges for different reasons like destroying a certain amount of gems, lining up a specific number of gems, finishing a specific mode with a certain score, etc.  There are ten earnable badges giving you a goal to try and earn them all!  Overall, this app is a hit!  It’s a blast from the game-play, graphics, artwork, mode choices, and especially the extremely unique and useful features the different modes offer!  I love it all!


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IUTA Score
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