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Baby Care & Dress Up

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Baby Care & Dress UpThis newly released game is about to take the app world by storm with its ability to fill a wanna-be mother’s void!  I can attest to that first hand!  Baby Care & Dress Up – Play, Love and Have Fun with Babies by TabTale LTD is going to surprise you!


Baby Care & Dress UpNow before I begin my review, please keep in mind that this is an opinion coming from a babyless 27-year-old woman.  I’ll start by saying that I needed something like this app.  I have craved having a baby for about five years now.  And, I mean like every single day for the entire five years, I’ve had strong cravings!  I go to Babies R Us just to look at the baby bedroom sets.  I’ll take a cart to the baby section at TJMaxx and fill it up with baby things as if I just found out I was pregnant.  Some people might think I’m crazy, but they’re also the ones who either had a baby when they were in high school or the ones who got pregnant after two months of trying.  And, their unappreciated opinions, don’t count in the least bit.  Now, I am engaged and will be married in six months, but babies still can’t come soon enough.  Baby Care & Dress Up helps calm my cravings down a bit.  It’s considered a game to most, but it’s no game to me!


Baby Care & Dress Up comes with four baby girls: Emma, Olivia, Sophia and Ava.  You can put these baby girls to sleep, play with, dress, feed and bathe them!  For dressing up, you’ve got everything!  The app offers 48 shirts and dresses, 30 pairs of socks, 30 bottoms, 21 pieces of jewelry, 20 toys, 32 hats, 30 sunglasses, 30 pairs of shoes and more!  Who doesn’t dream about dressing up their baby girl with this many options?  This is a wanna-be mommy’s dream app!  Practice all kinds of mommy skills with Baby Care & Dress Up!


iTunes lists Baby Care & Dress Up’s features as such:


  • Touch the spoon and scoop the formula to make the baby’s bottle
  • The bottle shakes until it’s mixed and ready to be used
  • Feed the baby her cereal, vegetables & fruit and make her smile or cry
  • Make the tea yourself from 4 flavors, add some sugar and serve!
  • Choose bedtime stories to read, “Cinderella,” “Wizard of Oz” or “Goldilocks”
  • Use the soap and sponge to clean your baby, then wash & dry her with the towel

What’s Inside:

  • 48 shirts & dresses
  • 30 pairs of fun & fancy socks
  • 30 pants, jeans, skirts overalls and bloomers
  • 21 bracelets, necklaces and watches, 21 hairstyles
  • 32 funky hats, 30 sunglasses
  • 30 pacifiers, mustaches, faces & more
  • 30 pairs of crazy and fun shoes, sandals, boots
  • 20 toys, wagons, baby carriages, balls & more


iTunes describes Baby Care & Dress Up like so:

Dress Up Time!
First, it’s time to dress up your baby in style. Choose from dozens of hairstyles, outfits, onesies, dresses, jeans, silly pacifiers, accessories and toys! Now she’s ready to eat.

Feed Me!
Your baby is hungry, it’s time to feed her. You will prepare the bottle and feed your baby her cereal and veggies. Is your baby a picky eater? When she’s happy, she will smile, but if she’s hungry or doesn’t like her food, watch out – she will cry. Remember to clean your baby’s mouth with a napkin!

Tea Party!
Everyone loves a fun tea party especially your baby is so excited. Surrounded by her dolls in her backyard, your baby is ready to eat cookies and drink tea. You will mix up the tea and add sugar cubes. Don’t forget to give her dolls drinks too. And those cookies taste yummy! Now it’s time for a bath.

Bath Time!
Get out the shampoo and soap, your baby is dirty. Wipe her clean with a sponge. Make the bubbles pop and play with her bath toys. You will rinse her off with water when she’s all clean. She’s nice and clean and ready for a bedtime story.

Time for Bed!
After all the fun she had, your baby is getting sleepy. She wants a bottle and a bedtime story. All tucked in and ready for bed, choose from 3 books to read to her. Nightie night.


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Baby Care & Dress Up

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Price: FREE