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Can Age of Empires (AOE) make A Comeback on iOS?

Can Age of Empires (AOE) make A Comeback on iOS?

For the past three years, I have been hearing rumors of AOE coming to the iPhone by way of an app.  I feel nostalgic when I think of Age of Empires.  Microsoft did an amazing job with that game; I know so many people who feel that same way. Before there was ever an xbox live or a playstation network, people use to enjoy online gameplay with the old school gaming networks or by LAN and IP matches.  Yes, I know it sounds archaic, but it is an era gone by which many gamers enjoyed.  After AOE III,the game stopped being updated and developed, and it became a dinosaur.  People still play it, but it’s not nearly as much as they used to.  Whenever I read the updates and rumors of the game making a comeback, I get that excitement of being able to play it again, but I have to say, if I am going to keep it real with all our readers, I don’t think it will be able to live up to the old school gameplay.  Some of you might be saying, “You are Crazy!  It will be awesome!”, and some of you might agree with me.  Here is some of my reasoning:

Flappy Bird Syndrome: 

We were all so hyped when Flappy Bird was released.  (If you could get a score higher than 20, I commend your efforts!)  For about two weeks, everyone who had a phone was tapping away at the bird trying to avoid the Super Mario like tubes.  (If you have been hiding under an app rock and have not heard of Flappy Bird, you can watch our app review of the original Flappy Bird game here.)  Well, guess what happened?  When Don Nguyen said that he was going to be taking down the game, because he was not ready to take on all the press from the app going viral, it seemed like every developer and their brother released some sort of Flappy Bird clone.  It got so bad, that Google made a rule saying they would not be approving any more impostors.  So, we mourned the loss of our tapping sensation, and people began to sell their iPhones on eBay for upwards of $10,000.00 just because it had the game on it.  To get right to my point, Flappy Bird left, and the top downloaded charts were flooded with clones with twerking miley cyrus, drizzy Drake and even the Beliebers got a version with the ever loved and hated Justin Bieber.  We forgot all about the original Flappy Bird, because our tapping sensation in this app-driven world was satisfied by all the other similar games that were loaded on to phones like digital crack.  My fear for Age of Empires: World Domination is that just like we got used to the other games once the original was taken away with the viral Flappy Bird, the same will be the case with AOEWD now that we have some pretty amazing games like Clash of Clans and Boom Beach from Supercell, which by the way, have been in the top grossing charts for what seems like forever!  Shameless plug, if you play Clash of Clans, look up the iusethisapp clan and join us!  You might just get featured in our Clash Of Clans and Boom Beach videos and even win some iTunes gift cards that you could use to beef up your villages!

The Challenge of Mobilization:

Here is a shocking statistic.  Did you know that there are over 80% of websites online today, in 2014, that are not mobile optimized and ready? Shocking, I know.  Regardless, as we have become a mobile and app-driven world, you would think that number would be much lower.  There is a certain challenge that comes from some of these websites and companies making a mobile ready site.  If they did not give us the same feel and features we had while sitting on the browser versions, we would simply move on to the next one.  Well…the same goes with apps. Unless Microsoft has a board of serious app gamers, like you guys that love us here at I Use This App, they are climbing an uphill battle.  Supercell has perfected Clash of Clans to be fun, addictive and, from a developer standpoint, INSANELY profitable, bringing in over 1 Million dollars per day just from in app purchases.  In fairness, Clash of Clans started out as a mobile game, so they have a leg up. However, the concept of the game is very similar to AOE, and it’s really just as exciting!  I would even have to say, all nostalgia and great PC Game memories aside, Clash of Clans is better than Age of Empires ever was.

Can Age of Empires (AOE) make A Comeback on iOS?

The Build Up and Breakdown:

With the rumors surfacing of AOE coming to the app store for years now, I feel like the hype has made the game lack luster.  The game is set for a release for summer 2014.  (No exact dates yet; stay tuned!)  However, the buildup for the game is not as exciting as say, waiting to see what we are going to get with the iPhone 6 this summer or anything like that.  At this point, us die hard app lovers want to know if we have been holding on to be let down, or if we just didn’t know what we have been missing on our iOS and Android Devices until Age of Empires: World Domination was made available.

Here is the official announcement  trailer:

App Video wise, we know there will be more to come, so we’ve reached out to Microsoft to keep our community in the loop with more video footage and information that we can share directly here on our site and social channels like our YouTube.  We will get all the trailers, app minutes, reviews and gameplay that we can for you.  We still leave a flame of hope that this game will be like a little piece of history that has been polished and ready to please you app-lovers like a remastered classic.  What we really care about is what you guys think about it and also, what you expect from it!  You can pre-register now to receive early updates and premium information about the game, as well as the Age of Empires franchise at: http://www.aoewd.com.  Please feel free to comment, and share this with your friends.

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