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The ABC Song

IUTA Score
Price: FREE

The ABC SongThe ABC Song – All in one activity center and full interactive sing along HD by Kids Games Club is a children’s educational app packed with sing along story books, coloring books, memory, matching and puzzles games, as well as much, much more!  Your child will know their colors, numbers and letters in no time with The ABC Song!  There are nine different types of gaming activities, all geared strongly towards learning!


The ABC SongThe ABC Song is free to download, and offers more content than five normal apps would – all put together!  There are in app purchases, that give you more packs of specific puzzles or storybooks, but they are all very inexpensive – all being $0.99, with an option to buy the full version for just $1.99.  Buying the full version is obviously the way to go seeing as buying each of the nine individual packs for $0.99, could potentially have you spend nine bucks.  Even if you only think you want one pack, I would still just buy the full version.  You’re going to end up doing it anyway.  It was surprising to me how little amount of gameplay that came with the game.  It wasn’t very much at all; almost just a tiny taste of each game, before you were asked to make an in app purchase.  That’s a little deceiving, seeing as you really don’t get anything for free.  However, the full version of The ABC Song is worth every penny and more!


Because there are so many different learning games offered in The ABC Song, there is no way I could touch on them all, so I will tell you a little bit about a couple of my favorites!  The Animal Letters’ game is perfect for my four-year-old.  Before using this app, he only knew a few of his letters.  Since he began using it (about three weeks ago), he has learned SO many more!  Animal Letters shows you a letter on the left and a couple different animals on the right.  It asks you what animal starts with that letter, then tells you to move the letter to its animal.  This game starts off real easy – first with only one animal, then two for a while, then three and so on.  Not only does the Animal Letters game teach my son his letters, but it has taught him a few animals he didn’t already know, too!  I also really love the Puzzle Fun game.  It first shows you an animal; let’s say it was an ant.  At the top of the screen it says, “A is for Ant”.  Then you see a cutout of the shape of the ant.  Along side of the cutout are puzzle pieces you’ll need to put together to make the ant!  I highly recommend The ABC Song for anyone who’s looking for a ton of gameplay and learning for their little one at a very cheap price!


iTunes lists The ABC Song’s features as such:

Animated, Interactive Sing-Along storybook for children – The most famous ABC song comes to life in an interactive rich song and dance experience. Each page presents the alphabet in its own unique, adorable and educational style.

  • Rich animations and activities on all pages
  • Full sing along
  • HD quality graphics and sounds

Each letter comes with a lovely animal drawing page. Enjoy drawing and filling colors while learning about spelling and animals. These animated coloring pages come with many fun voices, spelling and colors.

  • Rich coloring experience (Zoom In, Pan, fill area with color and much more)
  • 26 animals A to Z
  • Learn spelling

Intuitive, educational preschool memory matching games. Play the classic memory game and learn the ABC letters. Improve memory & concentration.

  • Intuitive game levels system
  • Child friendly autocomplete button
  • Learn abc names
  • Multi touch support

Intuitive, fun drag and drop matching game. Drag the letter to the animal that starts with this letter to make a match and advance to the next stage. 26 adorable animals are waiting for you inside. Game levels get more challenging as you advance.

  • Learn 26 animal names and spelling
  • Child friendly autocomplete button
  • Increasing difficulty level
  • Intuitive controls

Fly up with the ABC bunny while learning your ABC. Enjoy the cheerful scenery as you fly higher and higher in the sky. Pop the letter bubbles in order from A to Z to move higher and higher. Complete all letters to win.

  • Engaging activity
  • Fun animations and sounds
  • Happy and cheerful environment

Connect dot to dot and learn all about the alphabet letters with fun activities and sounds.

  • Child friendly autocomplete button
  • Learn letter shapes from A to Z
  • Hear letter names and learn letter shapes

Letter bubbles are flying in the air, tap them to pop and lean. Fun educational activity for toddlers, practice and improve cognitive skills in this fun and addictive popping game.

  • fun and simple popping game
  • Learn letter names
  • Increasing difficulty level at each stage

Welcome to a letter typing experience. A wonderfully illustrated keyboard will sound the letter voices as they are typed and activate adorable bubble animations.

  • Typewriter experience
  • learn letter names
  • learn to type letters

Put together 26 adorable animal puzzles – each animals starts with a letter of the alphabet.

  • 26 animal puzzles
  • learn animal names


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The ABC Song

IUTA Score
Price: FREE